Gastrografin Enema

What Is Gastrografin Enema And How Does It Affect You? 

Those who want to know or opt for this treatment, make sure you read this article fully. Let us start with knowing what is Gastrografin enema. 

What Is Gastrografin Enema?  

Gastrografin is a liquid that is inserted in your colon and rectal tube that lets us know if there’s any leak in the abdominal bowel. It is directly consumed (swallowed) by the person. Gastrografin Enema is a type of X-ray of the abdominal bowel. It is requested when you face problem in the esophagus, a kind of stricture, ulceration or inflammation. At that time, the doctor gives this liquid to swallow. This X-ray treatment is also known as ‘Gastrografin oesophagram’.  

What Are Preparations Before The X-ray? 

As such, you don’t need to prepare anything. You just need to follow the instructions that are given by your doctor.  

In case, you are pregnant or you have any chance of getting pregnant, then tell your doctor about it.  

This X-ray is used to know whether there are any irregularities in your abdomen. Your colon and rectum part is filled with this water-soluble liquid that helps to highlight the breakouts in your bowel. 

What Happens During The Procedure? 

While starting with the procedure, you might be asked to change the clothes and wear a hospital outfit. You will be asked to lie down on the bed. Then a tube is inserted in your abdomen, which may pain a little.  

Once the enema containing gastrografin is ingested, you feel full and a kind of pressure in your abdomen. While the liquid is consumed, the doctor may ask you to change your positions so that the liquid covers the whole abdominal region. 

Then, the X-ray images are taken. The whole procedure takes maximum of 30 minutes. These images contain a white part highlighting the irregularities. This white part is the gastrografin fluid.  

Once the X-ray pictures are gathered, you can visit the nearby washroom and drain the liquid out. You will have white bowel motions lasting for almost 3-4 days. It is common though. You may also be given a few liquids to remove your discomfort after the procedure. 


Once you are done with the procedure, for some days you will feel some cramps in your abdomen. You will feel a mucus-like outlet from your back passage. Also, you will have loose motions kind of situation for a few days.  

The radiologist gets the images of your X-rays and gives the reports to the doctor. If you want to have your reports, then you can get it by the doctor after setting an appointment. 

Important Note! 

You should not bring children while you are appearing for the procedure. Also, no relatives or family members are allowed to watch the procedure.  

Also, the X-rays include a small amount of radiation that can be equivalent to the environmental radiation, within a few days. 

Thus, we hope this article must have helped you get the appropriate information about the Gastrografin Enema and hope you follow the article while opting to do so.  

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Gastrografin Enema
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