Losing Weight And Gaining Rashes? Find Out Why!

Before considering to start your fitness journey by incorporating a different diet regime like the keto diet, there are side effects like the Keto Rash that should be kept in mind. Almost everyone in the fitness and health world has started to follow the keto diet as it has been said to be the most effective and healthy way to lose fat.  

As the diet basically switches the source of energy from carbs and glucose to stored fats and sugars, it helps in fat reduction. The keto diet only says that the food that you consume should be low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats and proteins as well. But as much as this diet gives you major benefits, it has a few downfalls as well. The common ones include keto flu, diarrhea, constipation, keto headaches, mood swings, and irritability and brain fog as well. There are a few rare side effects as well. One of them is the Keto Rash. 

What Is The Keto Rash?

A rash occurs when your skin gets red and inflammatory and gives a rash on the neck. This is a rare side effect of keto. It is also known as prurigo pigmentosa,  in scientific terms. It is very common in women in Asia but it is possible for anyone to get it. These rashes are generally red in color but sometimes have black or brown spots and patches and generally occur on the neck of a person. 

There have been cases where people get keto rash when they undergo major dietary changes. This includes changing to a low carb diet or completely changing the food groups that you consume. The name keto rash has been derived from the same. There are also many other medical conditions like still’s disease, Sjogren’s syndrome and h. pylori infection which can cause this rash.  

Even though after medical research, it is said that there isn’t much correlation between the rash and the keto diet. There is still some link between the diet and the rash occurrence because of the instances where the diet has caused the rash.  

What Are The Symptoms Of Keto Rash?

The symptoms of a keto rash are pretty evident and easy to recognize as they are on the external surface of the skin. These symptoms may include: 

  • A red rash which is itchy. 
  • They can occur on the neck, chest or abdomen. 
  • There may also be dark brown spots or patterns. 
  • Instances of red spots which are shaped like a web. 

How To Cure The Keto Rash?

You can take a few simple and basic steps to get rid of the keto rash: 

  • Proper skin care: Your skin needs basic care on a regular basis. Occasional checks with the dermatologists also help in ensuring that you don’t have any chances of getting the keto rash.  
  • Consider medication: Talk to your doctor and if the rash persists after most remedies, ask the doctor for rash creams, ointments or antibiotics if necessary. 
  • Consume proper nutrition: If your food intake does not include proper nutrients that your body needs, the chances of getting the rash is higher. Correct all nutritional deficiencies by getting an adequate amount of all necessary food groups.  

All these and proper way of doing the keto diet can ensure that you do not get the keto rash or any other side effect.  

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