Why Is Keto Not Working For You?

Having a Low Carb-Ketogenic Diet But Not Losing Weight?

Ketosis can be termed as one of the best ways to lose weight. In this process, you not only lose weight but can have many other health benefits too. Ketosis is a state where the body starts producing more ketones, shifting the body’s metabolism from producing glucose to fat utilization.
In this process, fats are burned as an alternative for glucose and used as a fuel for brain and muscles.
Due to ketosis, your insulin and blood sugar level stays stabilized. Also, the body loses weight rapidly.

Then to your facing problems in losing weight. So we have here some of the main reasons for it followed by solutions.

Reason 1: Your body is not in ketosis

People follow their keto diet but are not calculating their intake or consumption of food correctly. High fats or carbs will surely act as a resistance to ketosis. It is very important to check that is your body performing ketosis or not. You can get to know about it mainly through three tests.

1. Urine test
2. Breathe test
3. Blood test

In a urine test, it will be seen that what amount of ketones are present with help of color grading.
In a breathe test, your acetone level is measured, one of the three types of water-soluble ketone. It is accurate than the urine test.
In a blood test, this is said to be the accurate test.

Reason 2: Excess Of Food Consumption

Overconsume of food will stop the process of ketosis. Control on your calorie count should be an important task. It is important to have more fats but you should not go wild and eat twice more than you used to.
Your diet should be well managed with a limited number of calories.

Reason 3: Hidden Carbohydrates

Dairy products nuts, seed, and vegetables which are one of the main food items one should have on a keto diet. All these food items also have carbs present in it. People try to eat more and more of this product to get satisfied but without realizing it will also increase your carbs intake and number of calories. Eating a few dairy products and fruits can also increase your sugar level.

Reason 4: Increase In The Consumption Of Protein

To maintain your muscle mass while weight loss a healthy diet is very important. Proteins are an important aspect of a healthy diet. According to research, the level of protein has some limit. If the level of protein is less it can result in more hunger and cause your energy levels to dip. Having more proteins on a keto diet will restrain weight loss.

Reason 5: Excessive Workout

Performing exercise is very good for weight loss and being healthy. By a walk of 20-30 minutes per day, one can start losing weight.
We know everything thing which goes in limit has effective results. More exercise will lead to burn more calories and increase the level of appetite. This will result in more intake of food and the cycle of ketosis will break down by showing no effects.

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Reason 6: Inadequate Sleep

Having a good diet and exercise is important but with that sleep is equally important. To increase the rate of fat loss you must have healthy food and exercise with a sufficient amount of sleep. Lack of sleep will have you higher desire for food, make you more hungry and get more cravings.
It can also cause problems for hormones which makes your blood sugar level regulate harder.
7-8 hours sleep is most sufficient for a human body.

Reason 7: Increase In Stress

You should ignore this topic of having stress because it has an adverse effect on your body and health. A hormone called cortisol is been produced on your body when there is an increase in stress. Cortisol is responsible for the fat which occurs around our tummy called as visceral fat. This stress also affects our metabolism rate which could result in weight gain rather than weight loss.

Reason 8: More Unhygienic Food And Alcohol

Having few unhygienic foods can increase your desire for wrong food. Few snacks have artificial sweeteners which increase your sugar level leading to an increase in fats and weight gain. Alcohol intake is not good for the body while you’re on a keto diet. So alcohol consumption should be prohibited.

Reason 9: Resistance To Leptin

We have many hormones present in our body to perform numerous task. Similarly, we have Leptin which is a fat controlling hormone. These hormones are mainly responsible for having information such as how much calories we consumed, how many we have burned, and what number of fats are present in our body. Leptin resistance is something where the message or signal is not transmitted which happens due to stress, overeating or inadequate sleep.

Reason 10: Undiagnosed Medical Issues

This also can be a reason for having no weight loss. Some medical issues which left undiagnosed or untreated can create a problem in weight loss. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, depression, Cushing’s syndrome, high insulin level, can cause weight gain and a barrier to weight loss.


We have seen some of the major reasons through which you can face problem in weight loss by being on a keto diet. You have to give some time for your body to adapt to this process. It will take little time but surely will give positive effects.

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Why Is Keto Not Working For You?

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